What We Do

CUSTOMS 558 can help you meet your Excise Duty obligations in the following ways:

Excise Duty Compliance - need a health check?

Do you have documented procedures in place to cover your Excise Duty liability? Have you identified and addressed the key risks? We can help by conducting a compliance review and providing a report summarising your Excise Duty exposures and recommending ways to improve compliance. This should reduce the risk of receiving an Excise Duty assessment from HMRC for underpaid / over-claimed duty. 

Excise Duty Advice

New business venture? Expanding your business into new areas? Unsure about how Excise duty issues may impact your business expansion plans? We can help you understand the rules and draft procedures to address areas of exposure that may be new to you. 

Excise Duty Training

You and your staff may understand what you need to do, but do you understand why? A little understanding can go a long way to helping you identify risks and potential exposure areas before they become critical. We offer a range of Excise Duty training solutions from classroom-based public courses to one to one or small group training sessions tailored to the needs of your business. 

We also offer the above services for all aspects of EU Customs (Import) Duties.